Timeline of Macabre Votum

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Macabre Votum is a large multi-timezone corporation.

We're a tight group who have been involved in nearly every major conflict in EVE over the past twelve years. Our corp is a family and we take care of each other. We're here to grow as a group and continue to assert ourselves on the battlefield.

We're a bunch of guys who want to have fun in this game and we have fun by PVPing. We specialise in all forms of PVP and encourage new FCs to grow and develop within our ranks. M.V is always seeking to grow and improve upon itself and are willing to look at players to join our ranks.

MV Is part of Northern Coalition, based in the drone regions. Alliance runs daily fleets, both large scale and small...all kinds to fit your needs. As like MV, NC. has been involved in many major conflicts and remains one of the strongest alliances in null today.

Money Making
Null-sec access is available for all your carebearing needs.

Ready to apply? You must first create an account on our Auth Services with your main character (click here) from there, click the services icon and create a forum account, then click Apply below.


What do we offer?
• Great bunch of players
• Null-Sec PVP
• Large Corporation inside a major Alliance
• Vast amount of opportunities to make isk
• Support in achieving what you desire
• Use of capitals, all shapes and sixes!
• Corporation/Alliance SRP programmes

Personnel Team:
Public In Game Channel: M.V Live
Discord: https://discord.gg/EQ32C4f

Minimum Requirements
• 20m SP (PVP Focused)
• Desire to grow and learn in null-sec
• Must join comms and have a working microphone
• Self Sufficient - Corp will support newly trial members with low SP
• ESI Auths for all characters