Macabre Votum services needs to be setup in 2 parts;

Step 1: Login with your Main on the services page

Step2: Click on Services and create a forum account & link your discord account

Step3: Visit Groups & apply to the relevent groups and contact a director for approval

Core Auth Services now setup.

Setting up SEAT for recruitment purposes

Step 1: Login to Seat here

Step2: You will be asked to authorise the SSO tokens we have requested, scroll to the bottom and click "Authorise"

Step3: You will now be re-directed back to the SeAT page and your main is now added.

Step4: Adding your other accounts - At the top right hand corner you will see your name/icon, click this and then click "Link Account" as shown below. You will go through the same steps as 1 & 2 to add these account. Note: to login in to another EVE Account, click cancel when you get to the auth page and re-login on another account.